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Washington Pride

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Preparing for practice tonight with the Washington Pride, a U19 women's ice hockey team. The team has a 7 month season which started in September and lasts through March into the first week in April culminating at Nationals. I meet with the team once per week and give them workouts to do on their own as well as a team after practice which is 3-4 times per week with games on the weekend. This years team is young and has two U18 Olympic Team members. The goal of this years off-ice is to increase hockey specific strength, treat as well as prevent injuries, and increase the confidence of the team through tough workouts. This is a 8 month periodized plan that includes testing and trainig to see the results of the team as we progress to insure proper training is being done. To see a more detailed description of The Pride's plan check out the message boards tomorrow. Jim Fox.

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Where are you located?

Jennifer. I am located in Rockville, Maryland at a 20,000 sq. ft. facility. You can check it out at www.RockvilleFitness.com and look me up under Jim Fox. Thanks. Jim Fox.

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