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My Life's Reason in Voting for Barack Obama

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I was born in Washington DC. I get my political and moral convictions from Rev. Carl A. Wilbur. He was a great inspiration in my life. Dad was a Marine veteran that served the Catholic Church selflessly for over 35 years. He tutored school children in Southeast DC, was a chaplain at Lorton Corrections facility, supported So Others Might Eat (SOME), worked with terminally ill patients at NIH, and was the spiritual advisor for the Boy Scouts of America.


Earlier in life Dad lost his carpentry job, because he thought it was important to march with Dr. King here in Washington. He never let it get his spirits down. Instead he went bact to school and learned Programming. He got a good job at the Government Printing office and later was the systems administrator for Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. My dad died several years ago from a long fight with cancer. It was the toughest day of my life. I am crying just thinking about him. But, I know he is in heaven. He is and always will be my hero.


It is difficult to fill my father's shoes. When I was young I actually rebelled from my Dad. He was too good for me. I just was jealous of my friends. While their fathers taught them how to fight, my dad taught me to turn the other cheek. So I rebelled in my teens and partied with my buddies from dusk till dawn. When I graduated high school I really had no focus, so I enlisted in the military. For the first time I was proud to be serving our country. But, during Christmas leave my friends car got hit head on by a drunk driver. My hip and legs were injured from the impact. I was unable to complete my Special Forces training and went into deep depression. One morning Dad noticed I was moping in the kitchen. He told me that son if you focus on the bad you will find it easily. But, if you focus on the good it will brighten your life. That moment stuck with me for the rest of my life.


I got a Degree in behavior Sciences at Northern Arizona University. I participated in several archeology surveys in the Southwest. Then I got accepted into the Semester at Sea program and travelled around our beautiful planet. I got to meet people of different cultures and customs. When I got back I decided to travel and learn in Central America. But, I was called back home due to my father's deteriorating health.


When I got back to Washington everything had changed. Cell phones were everywhere and buildings sprouted up from areas I used to play in.


Everything in DC was fast paced and I felt like a slow moving drifter. But, I focused on the good and one day I got a computer disc in the mail. It was an AOL free six month subscription disc. I was thrilled to interact with my friends from accross the globe. I had the idea to start an online publication for our community. So, I conversed with my Dad and came up with a business plan. All I had to do was come up with a name. My Dad came up with the name. Infohall.


Infohall eventually morphed into DCpages.com. It was a semi-finalist Al Gore's Global Information infrastructure awards.

I gathered artists, musicians, writers, programmers, and friends to meet in my parents basement twice a week. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet so many fine people. DCpages is celebrating 15 years in 2009. I cannot believe it has been that long.


Shortly after my father passed I once again prayed to find the good in life. A friend of mine convinced me to go out on a blind date with a woman who was experiencing a similar loss of her mother from cancer. Jenna and I clicked the moment we met. We like to think our parents arranged it with the Man above.


Jenna and I got married at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and traveled across country on our honeymoon. We adopted Denali, our dog in Alaska. Those are memories I will never forget. I love the United States.


Two years ago we purchased a Christmas Tree farm from John Cooper in West Virginia. John was a radio man on the Battleship New Jersey. He was the first American to communicate the Japanese surrender to the United States Naval fleet. John and his staff never really left Santa's Forest and help us manage it. We now sell trees online at FreshChristmasTree.com. I hope to retire there someday in the future.


This year Jenna and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Luke Jr. has met President Clinton, Senator Biden, Senator Byrd, and the Washington Redskins cheeleaders. He is a gift from God to me.


The reason I am supporting Senator Obama is simple. He reminds me of my Dad. He is an opitimist and has a smart plan for our future.


Our country needs a leader to inspire its citizens to greater prosperity. Our country needs a leader that respects other cultures customs and values. Our country needs a leader to care for the future of our planet. President Obama is that man.


May God bless him with the strength and courage it takes to run our Nation's highest office.

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