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DC Photo Gallery Update

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For the last couple of weeks I have been busy creating several photo galleries you may be interested in reviewing.


The first one I did was the Washington Monument. It has ben awhile since I last visited our city's greatest landmark. The views from the observation platform provide unmatched views of the city.

Click Here to view the Washington Monument Gallery


To tie in with the George Washington theme, DCpages visited the Scottish Rite's 'House of the Temple.' . In 1931, the building was voted the fifth most beautiful building in the world by a group of members from the Association of American Architects.

Click Here to view the House of the Temple Gallery


Finally, DCpages was invited to the 2007 Shamrock Fest in RFK's parking lot. The all-day festival was the biggest St. Patty's Festival in the history of the DC area. The staff and I really had a great time making new friends and listening to fantastic music.

Click Here to view the Shamrock Festival Gallery


Next Gallery


The next gallery we are planning on working on is the War Protest that occurred at the Pentagon this weekend. From what I saw approximately 25 - 30,000 people attended the event. It was mostly peaceful but I did see paint graffiti on a park service sign. 'No Parking' was replaced with 'No War' and several peace signs were chalked on Memorial Bridge. At one point the protesters tried to walk over the bridge to the Pentagon building like 1972, but the protesters were immediately pushed back by the police. It was interesting to see Al Jazeera, the Arabi television network covering the event. C-Span was there as well.

I am still trying to decipher the feelings I had going to the event. The Pentagon was the backdrop focus of Cindy Sheehan "We're here in the shadow of the war machine." All I could remember was 911.


Click Here to View Pentagon Disaster Gallery


Click Here to View the World Trade Center Disaster Gallery


Click Here to view the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance Gallery


I remember all the people crying. I remember all the smoke from the buildings. I remember all the names of missing people on the dusty walls. I remember giving blood for the victims.


It is hard to see the protesters taunting American service men and women in riot gear. It was hard to listen to speakers of foreign countrys from accross the globe shout how Iraq is a wasteful and unjust war. It was hard to listen to the speakers talk about how America occupies other countries. It was hard to listen to protesters shout that America is the new Nazi Germany.


It was hard.


It was a hard cold Saint Patrick's day.

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