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My Life Continued

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Still pondering ideas about helping seniors.


I found that my mother is enjoying playing on the Piano Doug and I gave her. The piano was made in the early 1900's and cannot be tuned. But, she loves practicing.


The baby room is coming along. The tall Ikea closet cabinets that filled this room have been moved to the master bedroom.


The old carpet was removed and taken to the dump. A shiny new beech hardwood floor from Appalacian flooring company. They really have a great milled product.


Planting season is right up in front of me. Karl, Colleen and I have 5,000 tree seedlings to plant. This year weather has been so long that we are having to push back planting until Easter Weekend. Karl and I decided on using a Stihl Auger drill instead of a divet bar.


We are still feeding the turkeys, and other wildlife at the farm. We have to large feeders in the forest and one by the cabin. The battle with the mice continues. I bought one of those audio rodent repellers. I actually think it attracts them. I do not recomment the product.


Our baby "Newt" is due on Tax Day (April 15). Go Figure? I can see he wants out.


I have to psyche myself for diaper duty. Ed told me that everything about me is about to change.


I still see Dave Chappelle's baby in the "Roots" skit peeing all over me.


Must memorize flipping baby onto its stomach before I change diaper. Little Luke can blind me if I do not watch out.


I think I should be able to deal with waste management fairly well. I remove my dog and cats waste.


With the help of many friends WashDC.com is launched. I looking to see what our community does with it. Hopefully it will help everyone.

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