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Washington DC Diet

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I am still struggling with my diet. Ever since my wife has gotten pregnant. The tempation of twizzlers, and dark chocolate overwhelms me. I sometimes think they are speaking to me.


Then I hear another voice in my head. ...."Use the force Luke." Don't eat that dougnut.

Then I hear another voice in my head "Must Eat Douggggnutttttttttts."


My wife is having cramps and it has gotten me rattled.


On a brighter note,

Went to the Solar Decathalon on the National Mall last week. It was an amazing competition. The ideas of energy efficiency was mind openning. Not of the products looked very expensive to make. Radient heat, Particle Board, Bamboo, PV transformers, battery cells are some of the ideas I came home with. I would recommend going to next year's event. BUT, DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKEND. It is way too crowded to really enjoy the future homes and discuss energy technology with the students.


Redskins BEAT Pats this week.

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