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News War

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Tonight, I watched Frontline on PBS. The show focused on the future role of news media in the United States. It is now apparent that the Networks are losing ground to the diversity of the Internet. What does this mean?


News is no longer about asking the tough questions to an audience that not to here. Instead we are hearing stories about Nicole Simpson and Cop like news reporters baiting child predators. Why?


Ever since the FCC went soft on its commitment to regulate the broadcast media the news has gone down hill. Today's journalist should be required to have a marketing degree. If the story does not make money then why should the Networks spend money to broadcast it. The advertisers and stockholders are the the new regulators of the broadcast media.


The Internet is the counter balance to what you see on a one way broadcast. So many people are filling up the web with content for many different reasons. Some are activist, some are making a living off eyeballs, some just have big egos, and the list goes on and on and on. Within the world wide web lives a small percentage of seasoned journalist who are trying to broadcast the news. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL are the major gateways to all this mainstream information. These companies are controlled by advertisers and stockholders.


My question is whether the major portion of advertisers and stockholders are the same in both the broadcast and the Internet? If so, what does that mean? Is that only temporary until open source and wiki have taken over the thrown of content search?


If web 2.0 is all that it is promised to be will our future leaders be from a pure democratic utilitarian philosophy. Or will it be a chaos of credible information competing with disinformation? All the intelligence agencies and political parties are veterans spin doctors in this future cyber warfare. Soldiers of the future will something more powerful than guns. Soldiers will have keyboards. In the corporate, federal, and nonprofit world it will be independant contractors or employees.


The problem with the web is not knowing where the truth lies. Will the future be an information race to grab rapidly deterioting attention spans? Or will the web truly expand our collective minds for the possibility of something better. I am an optimist, so I pick the latter.

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