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I am going to be a father

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I cannot believe it. I am so happy that I really have to express it.


I am going to be a dad.


My wife is now entering her second trimester.


There is no good book to welcome and prepare couples for the world of parenthood.


Although, one book I read was quite funny. It discussed the theory of men hormonal simularities during the pregnancy. I laughed at the man boobs part. They should have a coupon for Cosmo's Manziers (A brassiere-like device, for men. As seen on Seinfeld). The real truth is that your wife gets hungry and starts eating junk food again. It brings back fond college memories...


Somebody should really come out with a book, "The Zen of Ramon." Its a guaranteed best-seller with college kids.


Anyway, I am taking the first step of realization that my wife being pregnant does not give me the right to eat the same things she does.


The other day I went to the doctor with my wife. I have in possession of two ultrasound photos of "Baby Newtron." In addition, our doctor wrote me a non-pharmacutical prescription with the scribbled words off "Yes Dear" on the paper. This prescription resides in my wallet.


I have also come to the realization that during this period of time the role of the male parent is to gear up for diaper changing. To get me in practice my wife has graciouly given me the duty of cleaning the litterbox twice a week. It is interesting how things just stick together.


On a side note.


I am developing a new web site that hopefully people will like. WashDC.com is dedicated to the memory of my best friends and loving companions for many years.

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