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Microsoft Windows Updates

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I am really experiencing difficulties with my Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro platform. The .Net updates are crashing my API and Outlook. Programmers have discovered a major vulnerbility. It appears that the a hacker can enter your computer unseen. Pretty spooky stuff.


If you are having problems with your Windows 2000 Pro here is Microsoft's number if you need it.


(800) 936 4900 hit option for professional


if that fail use Microsoft's Main Number.


(800) MICROSOFT (642-7676)


I applaud and encourage their updates. But, it appears at the moment that they are losing the battle for security. Red Hat is missing an opportunity.


Since MICROSOFT no longer warrantees Windows 2000, you will be charged $50.00 to speak with a technician. Do not go the email route. You might as well send it out to space. There is still a wait time. My service request number is 1043722112. Once my credit card cleared I was given a technician who is from Bangladesh and now living in Nova Scotia, Canada. He spent over a half hour accessing my computer using Microsoft's Easy Assist, cleaned some .dat files and realized that this was not an Outlook problem. He then transferred to me to another person who was also in the outlook department.


Vinay refunded my $50.00 and gave me a new case number SRX070906602180 and transformed me to Windows 2000 Performance team. Girish remotely worked on my system for six hours and the final result was the blue screen of death. The truth is that there are many types computers. There are many different types of processors. There are many types of hardware peripherals. This leads to many combinations of software drivers. Then comes many differenent types of software applications (Internet Exporer, Adobe Acrobat, etc) that are constantly getting updated. All these variables have to work in harmony in MICROSOFT's operating system. In my case, MICROSOFT has conflict problems with my ATI Video Card.


I trusted MICROSOFT to be able to fix this problem. Instead they caused more problems. In retrospect, I should have patiently waited for my Admin to fix this problem. He built the machine, loaded the operating system, installed the programs, and configured the Network Security.


If you have the same problem and are looking to contact Microsoft.


Use the keyword "hangup" and contact a real local administrator.

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