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Semester At Sea Reunion

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My shipmate Chris (Squidman) and I went to our Semester At Sea reunion at Tony and Joe's last night. It brought back fond memories of my early travels around this Big Planet. It was a great time.


We are definitely ol' timers now. Our living quarters was on the bottom "poop" deck.


The metal cave was the home of Sloth, Squidman, and Birdman. We missed class sometimes due to the Chinese crew sealing our part of the deck. People believe me...


You do not want this Planet by the Chinese. I personally had to make a joke out of it or face the possibility with Insanity. Captain Chang I bow in respect to you and your constant fire drills.


You made the mistake of giving us the second rate beer at your bar. And saving the good stuff for your crew. I always wondered who got the money for the cash bar....


I really enjoyed listening to the many adventures of the other alumni. The students really enjoyed their visit to Vietnam. Tony and Joe's is a classy place on the Georgetown Waterfront.

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