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Ninth Ward of New Orleans is still a Disaster

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My wife and I went to New Orleans this month for a Green Summit that was being held by the EPA. The French Quarter is still quite charming. We ate way too much great food and gambled a little at Harrahs.


My initial feelings were that the damage from Katrina was mostly repaired. I have watched former President Clinton and President Bush talk about their Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and how Angelina and Brad were doing their part on television.

I figured with the billions already spent New Orleans would be close to normal.




I remembered from watching CNN that the 9th Ward was a disaster, so I asked the locals how to get there. I would get the following responses:


"You don't want to go there. There is too much violence and drug running!"


"That place is dangerous. But there are guided tours if you are really interested."


I decided the best way for me to see the 9th Ward was to take a car and go in the morning. So I set off going East following I-10. Within 15 minutes my eyes were wide in shock and horror.


The area looked like the Apocalypse. I was waiting for the four horsemen to greet me.


I want to share what I saw. It is very difficult to write about everything, so I have taken some photos of the devastation.


Hurricane Katrina Disaster Revisited


I have uploaded about 100 images and I plan to do more to get the message out.


If you have any ideas let me know.


One group I really want people to know about is Common Ground Relief.

This organization is really making a difference. I will talk more about them as I finish up the gallery.

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