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Fun in the Snow

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Today Jenna (my wife), Denali (my dog), and I went driving around the city. First we went to the public golf course by Haines Point. We spotted a couple hundred geese nestled in the snow. Denali thought she might try catching one, so she ran off in chase. My dog had no chance. As soon as the birds spotted her they took off. Watching that many geese take flight at the same time is a magnificant sight to behold. After awhile Jenna and I were able to convince Denali to come over to us. I think the Husky side of her makes her a little rebelious. We went over to the golf course concession stand and bought two watered down hot chocolates.


Afterwards, we drove around different spots in the city. I spotted one of our community members. She was taking photographs of the White House. She told me about her new job a Verizon. The company has hired eight video journalist to roam the city and ask questions. The journalist upload their daily videos to a new video web site. I will have to check it out.


Jenna and I got really hungry and stopped by Annies Steak house on 17th street NW. It is a local tradition to go to Annies every major snowstorm. They are one of the few restaurants that are always open through rain, sleet, or snow. They also serve some darn tasty food.


After some steak and crab cakes Jenna and I stopped by Logan Circle. There was a snowman village. Two guys made this really cool Statue of Liberty snow sculpture. The news crew came by and the two were instant televison celebrities. But, they were not the winners! When we were driving back home there was a couple of snow men dressed up in hula skirts and baseball hats. Even their snow faces were painted. This town has some real fun people.


I got back home and shoveled my snow. Later Jenna beat me at Tiger Woods Golf. She choose John Daly as her player. Well Rome and Battlestar is coming on TV. I hope everyone had a blast today.

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