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Nats home opener

Yesterday Nicole and I took her 11 month old nephew to the Washington Nationals home opener at RFK. It was a great day, lots of sun, even though the home team got crushed. I guess all you National fans should expect a lot of that this summer.


We decided to go to the game late so we were rushing to get tickets when a man came up to me and gave me four free tickets. At first I kind of ignored him because I thought he was trying to scalp them. Sorry dude. I said thanks and gave two tickets to the woman behind me (she later gave her extra ticket away to a random fan too) and we headed to our seats. The tickets were pretty good. If that man ever reads this email me and I'll buy you a ticket to any game coming up.


Note to anyone going to RFK stadium this year, the staff is ridiculously unhelpful. Seriously I don't think anyone there has any clue what's going on. Like I said I had an 11 month old so we needed to check our stroller except no one knew where to direct us. After an inning we all finally got to sit down and enjoy the game.


As certain people have hinted at I guess this is a good time to mention that I do have a girl whom I love very dearly. She did not know about my blog until recently and has been making fun of me since. haha!


Another Entry

So I told a few people about my blog so I thought I would add a little more today. I also thought that I may want to tell people more about who I am.


My name is Ed, I'm 27, and I work at DCpages. I was born in DC and moved out to Virginia when I was eight or nine. I am a middle child. I'm your typical 27 year old, I like to watch and play sports, go out to bars, and hang out with friends.


I still hang out with friends I've known from high school, even though many of them are starting to fall victim to the marriage trap, including my little bro. Just kidding, I'm actually the best man in his wedding and I hope him the best.


This summer I hope to go on a trip to Europe. I would also like to go to the beach a few times and go to concerts, so we'll have to keep our fingers crossed to see if I make it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be enjoying Barcelona this summer.


new entry

I haven't written in awhile so I thought I would update everyone on my life. My team won our championship and completed an undefeated season. It was alot of fun coaching them this year and I can't wait to do it again next season. Other then that, my basketball news/brackets have been a disaster. Thanks Texas, Louisville, and Wisconsin.


Work has been going well as we have just finished updating our new Cherry Blossom page. Check it out when you have a minute.




warmer weather please

It's about time the weather started working with us. I don't know about anyone else but I am ready for warmer weather. Something about the cold weather always brings me down. I tend to hibernate in the winter, I go to work and then I come home and flop on the couch. Seems so routine and boring.


Alas, there is hope on the horizon. Springtime means more BBQ’s, happy hours, and other social occasions. Who will be laughing then, huh Mr. TV? I guess that’s why they always put crap on TV during the summertime.


Anyways, it’s supposed to be in the 50s all this week so hopefully this will be the start of something good.


Ready For The Weekend

TGIF - I am ready for the weekend. After spending two days digging out cars from inches of solid ice I am ready to kick back and enjoy myself. For those of you that do not know, my brother and I coach a kids basketball team in Reston, Virginia. Our team is currently #1 in the standings with a perfect record.


Our team, the "Heat" usually plays every Saturday but I think the games will be cancelled if Fairfax County schools are closed today, Friday 16th. If they are that will give me an open Saturday for the first time in awhile. :P


If that's the case I will be heading to Wolf Trap to see if there is any good snow/ice left. If anyone has not been there I strongly suggest it. If you are looking at the stage from the audience, just walk to the left and there is a huge hill. Really fun to go down, but it kind of sucks to hike it back up.


Stay Classy San Diego

Another week, another trip. Just got back from San Diego this morning. I took the red-eye and got a total of 30mins. sleep :o


I went for a wedding so I have to give a shout out to the newlyweds, Jon and Lacy :lol:


Back from Mexico

Today is the first day back from our company conference in Cancun. We got back late Thursday night after a 10-day conference/review/vacation in paradise. As one can expect my email is out of control and there is 10 days worth of daily tasks to do so I better stop writing and get to it.


If anyone else has been to Cancun please tell me where you stayed? We stayed at the Grand Oasis and it was awesome but this was my first time in Cancun.

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