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Events Calendar

I added the events calendar to DC Message Boards today. The calendar has also been updated with new features. I especially like the Event Weather Planner function. This function searces historical weather data to give you an idea what the weather will bill be on the day of your event. Thanks for all the words of encouragement.


This weekend I saw Epic Movie with my wife. It was really bad. The only good part of the movie was the person who played Captain Jack Sparrow. He was pretty convincing.


Sunday night is now my favorite night on TV. I love Rome and Battlestar Galactica. Both shows are written well.


Pray for snow tommorow.


Back from Cancun

I just got back from Cancun with the DCpages staff. We had quite a trip. The weather was breezy and warm. I was very impressed with Playa de Carmen. The ocean town is bustling with stores, spas, and bars. It appears that Europeans have bought the place up. Property is going from $350,000.00 for a condo to $5,000,000 for an ocean view property.


I just completed the new phase of the DC Events Calendar. Now people can put up images to go with their events. I have also made it easier for our staff to modify Events. I am hoping to put an almanac on the calendar, so people can see what the weather might be like during the day they have selected.


On another note... I just found out I have jury duty the day before I leave for Cancun. I am going to contact the District Government to see if I can postpone my time.


Luke's First Entry

For years people have told me to start a blog that might explain a little more about myself. My Name is Luke Wilbur. I am the son of Rev. Carl and Carmen Wilbur. I have a wonderful wife, Jenna, who supports my community endeavors. I probably should mention my dog named Denali, she is the cutest little monster. I also have two cats, Grover and Gracie. They are more like living pillows.


Today really feels like winter. I hear reports about global warming, so I am happy that it is cold.


My staff and I are getting ready for a trip to Cancun. Last time we had a great time. You can view the gallery of our previous trip:




Eight guys will be going on this trip. It should be pretty outrageous. We are staying at the Oasis Hotel. I know that I will have fun, but I am going to miss my wife alot. This will be longest time we have been away from each other.


You and Me

Doom and Gloom surround me. Where are all the optimist? Where are the dreamers. This is the land of opportunity. People are starting to think that the Germans actually bombed Pearl Harbor. God help all of us.

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