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The snow did not stop OscarNightDC from holding their annual Washington, DC Awards Party on Sunday February 25th. Despite the miserable weather, Left Bank a wired bistro in Adams Morgan was the place to be, where many people gathered to watch the 79th Annual Academy Awards in style. This event, previously hosted at Club Felix, started with just a few friends hanging out watching the Oscars, now a half decade later, 200-300 people gather to mingle, network, and just have a good time.


Those in attendance ranging from 21 and up dressed in their most glamorous outfit and walked the red carpet with hopes of winning the competition for best dressed male and female; or at least turn a few heads. Speaking of prizes...The two people picking the most correct Oscar winners received a gift certificate to Tiffany & Co.


To attend this exclusive event in the years to come simply log onto OscarNightDC.com and reserve your ticket for complimentary admission. This is one of many events in the city that is FABLOUS, FUN, and did I mention FREE? I would like to thank James for putting together such a wonderful party and allowing me to cover this event. Again, log onto OscarNightDC.com so you won't miss out next year for a night of glamour and fame.