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  1. I AM THINKING ABOUT MY MOM AND Dad and I love them very much. I am glad that my Dad is in heaven and he is not suffering any more. My mom is not doing so well she has a bad cold and she is very ill. But Iam trying to keep my hopes up that she will make it through this and come home soon. I am very sad that my Dad died. He was a Great war hero and a great Father.




    Luke my mom is very ill and she has a few months to live. I am being strong for my family. I have verrizon fios cable and I saw screak the third last night and I loved it very much. I hope to see you soon Luke have a great thanks giving say hi to baby Luke and Janna for me. Love your friend Joe Knight.

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  2. The year started a little scare, but it it ended up great. Thank God for my family and friends.

  3. I just offered a speed and agility program for football that is going to start in January and was surprised at how many parents wanted their 8 year olds to participate in my program which is 10 and up. I had to think quickly what I could offer to these young athletes and I came up with a 30 minute speed and agility class specifically for young athletes. The object of the class is to teach, not condition, but to learn how to run which is very much a neuromuscular activity which requires resting between sets. The 30 minute versus 60 minute differential between the 10 and 8 year old class is due to the maturity level and just a lack of focus over the 30 minute mark in the younger group. What a difference in training philosophy then say 10 years ago. We are starting much younger with our athletes and having them reach important milestones earlier and earlier, but let's remember that they are still kids and that they have a lifetime of sports and fitness ahead of them. The conditioning class starts January 4th at Rockville Fitness on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-7:30. For further details please reach me at jimfox@dcemail.com. Look for my message board about teaching running in the next few days. Thanks. Strengthcoach.


    Schedule an appointment with me.

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    The snow did not stop OscarNightDC from holding their annual Washington, DC Awards Party on Sunday February 25th. Despite the miserable weather, Left Bank a wired bistro in Adams Morgan was the place to be, where many people gathered to watch the 79th Annual Academy Awards in style. This event, previously hosted at Club Felix, started with just a few friends hanging out watching the Oscars, now a half decade later, 200-300 people gather to mingle, network, and just have a good time.


    Those in attendance ranging from 21 and up dressed in their most glamorous outfit and walked the red carpet with hopes of winning the competition for best dressed male and female; or at least turn a few heads. Speaking of prizes...The two people picking the most correct Oscar winners received a gift certificate to Tiffany & Co.


    To attend this exclusive event in the years to come simply log onto OscarNightDC.com and reserve your ticket for complimentary admission. This is one of many events in the city that is FABLOUS, FUN, and did I mention FREE? I would like to thank James for putting together such a wonderful party and allowing me to cover this event. Again, log onto OscarNightDC.com so you won't miss out next year for a night of glamour and fame.

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    I am here to change the world through my own research and understanding of what true wholeness and well being is.

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    August 18, 2008



    The news media and DC City Council members have "reported" or "addressed" Mayor Fentys' decision of October 17,2007 to install meters in DC taxicabs without providing an objective review of the facts of this issue.

    Before assigning any merit to the results of any upcoming poll among DC residents or taxicab drivers in concern of the use of the zone system or the meter in DC taxicabs let us first ask how many DC residents or DC taxicab drivers have ever reliably been informed that:

    1) DC initially had used meters and that Congress had forced the use of the zone system regardless of the initial and still standing government and court decisions that denied," any use of the zone system to take the place of meters in DC taxicabs." (DC Public Utilities Commission order no. 956 11/6/31)

    2) A call to Mrs. Doris Wilson of the DC Public Service Commission will provide a free copy of DC Public Utilities Commission order no. 956 issued on 11/6/31. (202-626-5150 office, 626-5150 voicemail)

    3) The initial denial by the DC Public Utilities Commission to use the zone system to replace meters in DC taxicabs was completely upheld by Judge Adkins ruling that, "the zone system is only a means to exploit the labor of the driver?" (PUR 1932C pg.17,19)

    4) Judge Adkins upheld the DC Public Utilities Commission having found the zone system to be inequitably computing DC taxicab fares as well as it being found that the proposed zone system was found to have caused "discriminative service"? (Who do you think was catching cabs in DC in 1932?)

    5) Every major city in this country uses a meter as an equitable means to compute local taxicab fares as well as serve as a reliable means to record the income and compute the annual tax revenue that is due from DC taxicab companies and drivers.


    For 76 years the unique DC taxicab zone system fare structure has continously cheated countless tourists who don't have the slightest idea of the correct fare and even more importantly has continued to insult the predominantly African American residents of DC with inequitable zone boundaries such as Alabama Ave SE, Atlantic St. SE, Wheeler Rd, SE, 19th St NE,42nd ST. NE, South Dakota Ave. NE and so many other examples in the residential areas of NE and SE Washington.


    Through my years of address to the Congressional corruption of DC Taxicab Industry I have been successful in appealing to Herman Washington and Kojo Nambi of WHUR radio and Gloria Minott of WPFW to appear on their various radio talk shows. The DC Editor of the Afro-American newspaper respected the direction of my research by publishing an article, "Activist Calls It UnFair" on 08/31/91 and my Letter to the Editor on September 8, 2007 that was entitled, "The Congressional Corruption of the DC Taxicab Industry. A well informed community of DC residents and taxicab drivers will be required to ever effectively address and end the Congressional corruption of the DC taxicab industry.


    After the September 2007 DC Taxicab Commission hearing I was able to meet and refer Mr. Bruce Johnson of WTOP news to my research into the corrupt origin of the DC taxicab zone system.

    Mr. Bruce Johnson informed me that his professional duties were to report on the concerns of the DC community. He insisted that my research was merely my expressing the opinion of one DC resident.

    My review today of the contents found in google.com under the topic,"The DC Taxicab Zone System Fare Structure", allowed me to see on page 6 a referral to "Bruce Johnson's Blog" having been submitted in October 2007. Your review of such an effort to "report" on the regulation of the DC taxicab industry will allow you to see that not the slightest effort was made by Mr. Bruce Johnson to responsibly research and refer to the Congressional corruption of the DC taxicab industry.


    The question is not, "Why has Bruce Johnson of WTOP refused to ever responsibly research and report on the corrupt origin of the DC taxicab fare structure?"

    The real question is , "Why have tens of thousands of national and local "reporters" of the newspapers, magazines, radio and television news media and national and local politicians failed for 76 years to have ever objectively researched and reported on the Congressional corruption of the DC Taxicab Industry?"



    The DC taxicab zone system for more than 70 years has not provided tourists a responsibly regulated taxicab service. By the time many tourists came to realize that they had been cheated by a DC taxicab driver they were on their way back home and it was impossible for them to reliably file and process a complaint.

    There has yet to be one DC Delegate, Mayor or City Council member (other than John Wilson in 1975) to ever use any of their well paid time and staff to responsibly research and address the legal facts of the Congressional corruption of the DC taxicab industry. The sudden announcement on October 17, 2007 by Mayor Fenty of his intentions to install meters in DC taxicabs should have stimulated a careful, factual review of this issue.

    Supporters of the zone system are in need to learn that game time with irresponsibly regulating the DC Taxicab Industry is finally over!

    Besides being the only community in this entire country not actively represented in Congress and has control over its own tax revenue, the District of Columbia is also the only major city in this entire world not using some modern version of a meter to equitably compute taxicab fares and used as a reliable means to record and tax the income of the local Taxicab Industry.

    My approach to provide educational skills for children requires that they first know their A,B,C's and basic phonic skills before I begin to develop their ability to read. I will not expect any GED candidate to master computing percentages until they have already expressed a skill in adding,subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, fractions and decimals.

    The DC community will remain unable to know how to develop a functioning meter system taxicab fare structure until they are finally informed of the basic Congressional means of totally disallowing a responsible mean to regulate the DC taxicab industry.


    The news media has made sure we all knew about Monica Lewinsky. The farce of the news media is proven by the fact that for more than 75 years it is far from common knowledge on exactly how Congress totally screwed up the DC Taxicab Industry.

    The Truth can be hidden but it cannot be changed! (krudder222@aol.com)



    The Congressional Corruption of the DC Taxicab Industry


    Bell and City Cab Company were the major taxicab companies in 1931 and to serve corporate purpose they had tried, without authority, to start to use their zone system to replace the use of meters in DC taxicabs. The automobile was still a new invention in 1931.The weekly rental fee for many DC Taxicab Companies had since 1928 been an agreed percentage of the weekly earnings of the drivers as indicated by the meter.

    The Depression in 1931 motivated many DC taxicab drivers and passengers to start to give Bell and City Cab Company a big headache by making quick oral contracts and not at all engaging the meter. Hack Inspectors were writing loads of tickets to cab drivers as they were observed to pick up a passenger but would fail to engage the meter. Bell and City Cab Company began to lose a lot of money every week. Many cab drivers would argue over their rental fee due to many reporting back at the end of the week with the meter showing little income and Bell and City Cab Companies insisting that they had to have made more through the course of the entire week.

    Without any authority Bell and City Cab Companies chose to solve this new problem by suddenly removing the meters in their cabs and started using an unapproved "Zone Map" to calculate taxicab fares while charging the drivers a flat rental fee each week. Due to some cabs having a meter and many others using various versions of a Zone Map the DC Public Utilities Commission(PUC) responded to the public's confusion by holding extensive public hearings from September- October of 1931.

    On November 6, 1931 the PUC dealt the first strike against the use of the DC taxicab zone system when it issued order no. 956 and listed 20 reasons to,"deny any version of the zone system to replace the use of meters in DC taxicabs." (A request of the DC Public Service Commission will provide a free copy of PUC Order No. 956)

    Among the 20 reasons given in 1931 to deny the use of the zone system, it is fascinating to know that in the overtly racist society of 1931, the zone system was initially denied due to it being found, "That under the zone fare system operators have frequently refused to render service where long hauls were involved - that the zone fare system unduly favors certain riders and unduly discriminates against others."

    It is essential that I emphasize that in 1931 this country was segregated with "colored restrooms", segregated housing and schooling and was decades away from beginning to initiate the social progress against the overt expression of racism that America has made since 1960.

    The DC Public Utilities Commission in 1931 protected white people from "discriminative taxicab service" and the exploitation of taxicab drivers when it issued Order No. 956 and denied the use of any version of a "zone system to take the place of meters".

    The 9th reason listed of DC Public Utilities Commission order no. 956 indicated, "proper accounting records cannot be secured under the zone fare system." It is very important to make a special referral to the 19th reason listed on PUC order no. 956 having specifically stated that, "taximeters can be secured and installed without undue expense."

    How can there be any validity to supporters of the zone system claiming the "high cost of the meter" in 2008 if that same argument against the use of meters was denied by the DC government and the courts when the Depression was beginning in 1931?

    Judge Adkins upheld the DC Public Utilities Commission rejection of the zone system to replace meters in DC taxicabs in 1931 because the zone system was a means to exploit the labor of the 1931 DC taxicab driver. (1932 PUR, vol.C pgs. 17,19)

    The DC taxicab zone system received its third strike when the U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed

    Judge Adkins' decision. (1932) F2d 1005

    This last decision by the U.S Court of Appeals however shows the power of Congress. The appeals court upheld Judge Adkins' decision,but a very puzzling sentence was included in their decision. The U.S. Court of Appeals denied any enforcement of the order to eliminate the use of the zone system until after Congressional legislation on the matter had been completed. I trust that it will be very hard to find another Court decision that delayed the enforcement of a law until after Congress considered legislation on the matter.

    Congress cannot overrule a Court decision yet, after Bell and City Cab Company promised Congress to benefit from the design of a huge Zone One, Congress began to reach into their legislative pockets in 1934 and for the past 76 years have pulled out several legislative tricks that have resulted in the continued use of the Zone System.

    In 1971, Mr. John Earl Rudder played a key role in organizing a union of DC taxicab drivers.

    The members of the Brotherhood of DC Taxicab Drivers knew that the entire issue of the corrupt zone system had been due to tricky, Congressional legislative restrictions. It is very important to point out that Congress in 1971 had yet to allow the residents of the District of Columbia an opportunity to elect a Mayor and the members of a DC City Council to address any of the needs of the Washington DC community.

    The members of the Brotherhood of DC Taxicab Drivers resolved to begin to stage a strike starting in late November 2001 during the evening hours against the Capitol Hill area . The objective of the strike was to discomfort Congress and stimulate Senator Inouye, the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, to begin a rare series of Congressional hearings on the DC Taxicab Zone System in concern of the unique DC taxicab zone system fare structure. The strike was effective and ended in respect to the Senate suddenly scheduling hearings on the issue in early December 1971.

    Mr. John Earl Rudder,Chair of The Brotherhood of DC Taxicab Drivers, testified before Sen. Inouye and stated, "The case for meters is so apparent that it begs the question of sanity to think otherwise." ("Ban on Taxi Meters in Force since '32 Will be Challenged" Washington Post 12/07/71). Despite a very revealing title this article by the Washington Post is a classic example of the shallow manner in which professional "reporters" have, for more than 70 years, failed to responsibly research and report on the corrupt origin of the unique DC taxicab zone system.

    The results of the 1971 Senate hearings ended with revealing reports from the Senate DC Appropriations Committee that supported further study on the Zone System vs. Meter issue.

    A Professor from the School of Business of the University of Maryland was awarded a contract by Congress in 1971 to "study" the use of the zone System vs. meters in DC taxicabs. The University of Maryland study turned out to be nothing more than a quick and very shallow popularity survey from a very small group of respondents.

    The design of the 1972 University of Maryland study on the DC taxicab zone system and all others since then have all strangely failed to responsibly research and refer in any manner to the government and still standing court decisions against the use of the zone system nor have these many "studies" referred to just a few of the many tricks that Congress used since 1934 forcing the computation of DC taxicab fares by the use of a very unique Zone System.

    The first Congressional legislative trick on this issue was "reported" only by the 11/13/71 Washington Post editorial, "The Taxicab Rider". This editorial made reference to a legislative provision that was authored by Rep. Cannon in 1934 and that had conveniently become a legislative "rider" attached to every annual, insulting DC Appropriations Act between 1934 -1987. This legislative provision ignored the merit of the initial and still standing government and Court decisions and simply stated, "The DC government no longer has the authority to consider or enforce any rules or regulations made in regards to installing meters in DC taxicabs."

    The DC government in 1934 was therefore forced to adopt a uniform taxicab zone map because they had to respect the restrictive legislation from Congress even though DC had laws against the use of the "any version of the zone system to replace meters".

    The Second Congressional trick occurred in 1987 when Congress removed the "Taxicab Rider" from the DC Appropriations Act yet suddenly created a very expensive, unskilled DC Taxicab Commission. Since 1987 the annual budget of the DC Taxicab Commission has cost hundreds of millions of tax dollars to operate yet has never submitted one report on the tax revenue that the DC Taxicab Commission collected from DC taxicab companies and drivers while "regulating" the DC Taxicab Industry!

    The third Congressional legislative trick on this issue occurred in 1996. The DC City Council passed legislation in 1996 that was signed by Mayor Barry and ordered for DC Taxicabs to be installed with meters by 1998. ( The Washington Post 09/07/96 "New Cab Fares - but Old Problems")

    Congress played their third legislative game when they simply refused to appropriate the necessary funds that would have allowed the DC Council legislation to put into effect its orders to install meters into DC taxicabs by 1998!

    The last Congressional trick in concern of the "regulation" of the DC taxicab industry was Congress in 2006 passing legislation that allowed the next DC mayor by October 17, 2007 to have the authority to install meters in DC taxicabs.

    Senator Carl Levin (D -Michigan) as well the members of the House and Senate DC Appropriations Committee's had opportunity to confess that Congress had irresponsibly limited the entire DC government for 75 years from even considering this issue. Rather then responsibly trying to employ themselves at openly addressing and correcting just one wrong that Congress has expressed to the DC community for more than 75 years, Sen. Levin and his colleagues, with the aid of the news media, suddenly and very quietly allowed Mayor Fenty to finally have the authority to install meters in DC taxicabs.

    Mayor Fenty waited until the last date that Congress had allowed him the authority and on October 17, 2007 suddenly announced, without making referral to the initial and still standing governmental and court decisions that had denied the zone system, his decision to install meters in DC taxicabs.

    DC City Council members Graham, Schwartz, Brown, Catania and Marion Barry and all other supporters of the zone system have continued to fail to express any familiarity with the corrupt origin of the zone system. Zone system supporters have insisted that the meter vs. the zone system controversy should be resolved only by the recorded preference among DC residents and taxicab residents.

    How valid is any alleged "preference" of the respondents to any "study" on an issue when the respondents have a very low level of common knowledge about the basic facts of the issue?

    The initial government and court decisions that denied the zone system 75 years ago haven't ever been overruled. They were merely hidden from public awareness.

    DC taxicab zone system supporters ignore the popularity and great need of the DC subway and bus service. The supporters for the zone system fare structure are only good for coming up with very creative "New Findings" in their effort to keep the zone system in operation.

    The quality of any effort on the part of Congress, mayors, DC city council members as well as the DC Taxicab Commission to "study" and address the DC taxicab zone system can be easily calculated by seeing just how well any further "studies" on the DC taxicab zone system refer to the initial and still standing government and Court decisions that 76 years ago denied, "any version of the zone system to replace the use of meters in DC taxicabs."

  4. blog-0188180001337970156.jpg

    Cable and Cable Alternatives


    This insightful workshop, hosted by the Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) and DeeNice, the Digital Dynamo will discuss how to improve your TV viewing experience without breaking the bank!


    A Free Meetup – Open to the Public

    ·Don’t Be An Unwitting Victim Of Escalating Costs & Hidden Fees From Cable Services.

    • Top-Secret Tips for Cost Savings and Alternatives for TV Viewing - Part 2: Cable and Cable Alternatives
    • A Free Meetup - Open to the Public
    • Is your TV bill worth what you pay?







    Saturday, June 9th

    Noon – 3 pm

    Location: 5425 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 600, Chevy Chase, MD 20815



    In this presentation, we'll delve deeper into how a smart, effective consumer can get the best television viewing experience from cable and cable alternatives, and how the existing regulations impact under-served communities.


    Finally, the PLAIN TRUTH about the top-secret tips and cost-saving alternatives you have available to you as a consumer that you never knew about before.


    This sequel to our previous presentation on cable and cable alternatives will provide a form, where you can plug in your needs and determine which are the best TV viewing options for you.


    Since we are all busy, many of us don't realize that the average cable consumer spends between $20,000 and $35,000 for cable service over a lifetime. In our current economic state, we can't afford such an expensive luxury.


    Hopefully, this assessment form can save you many dollars over the next 10 years. Then you can use that money to pay for more important things, like medical needs, college tuition, and those ever-escalating utility bills.


    This CPCUG Tech Day Meetup offers free advice and support to help our communities to live stress-free, money-saving lives.


    Registration: http://tv-cable-inte...eventbrite.com/

    Event will be streamed live at: http://Use Full URL ...estream-cabletv


    There are so many questions that need to be answered in plain speech about what is the best and most cost-conscious television viewing experience you can have.


    Well, you might be surprised to find out about the many exciting products and viewing experience offerings out there that are cost-conscious, yet viewer-appealing!

    Stay Tuned! (No pun intended)

    Please send email confirmation to deenice@thedigitaldynamoblog.com and thank you for your consideration.


    Denise “DeeNice” Rhodes

    The Digital Dynamo


    SIG Officer

    Capital PC User Group

    202-642-INFO (4636)





  5. blog-0675405001456259608.jpg

    Celebrating our 15th Anniversary, the Great Lakes International Film Festival has officially opened its Call for Entries, and is now accepting films of all genres and lengths from around the world and across the United States.

    In honor of our 15th Anniversary we have slashed our submission fees and have rolled them back 15 years.

    As a special deal to FilmFreeway members we are offering a special discount on our submission fees that are already among the lowest of any festival in the world.

    Considered among most popular film festivals in the world, the 15th annual Great Lakes International Film Festival genre categories for feature-length and short length films are Documentary, Experimental, Religious/Spiritual, Animation, Comedy, Horror, with Horror sub-genres that include Supernatural, Thrillers, Wicken, Magical, Slashers, Science Fiction, Suspense, Horror Documentary, Horror Animation and all genres of Music Videos and GLBT films for the 2016 festival.

    For the past 15 years our Festival has been awarding outstanding filmmakers for their hard work, dedication to the art of Independent Film, and most importantly, excellence in overall filmmaking. Our awards are bestowed upon Filmmakers each year for Best of Genre Awards that include the genres of Documentary, Animation, Comedy, Feature Narrative, Short Narrative, Horror, Music Video, Religious/Spiritual, LGBT, and Experimental Films, along with an Audience Choice Award for the film that receives the most audience votes from our attendees, both at our live event and through our virtual theatre screenings.

    If there is anything as universal as the ageless storytelling of motion pictures, it’s the music that makes up life’s soundtrack.

    The 2016 Great Lakes International Film Festival shall accept Music Videos from around the world of cross-continent and cross-genre productions. We shall accept Music Videos of all genres from Pop, Punk, Rock, Alt-Country, Country-Western, Folk, Reggae, Hip-Hop to Electronica, Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Industrial, Metal, Hardcore, Gothic, Karaoke, Avant-Garde, World Music, and Experimental, and all other genres that may not be listed here.

    The 2016 Great Lakes International Film Festival will accept all forms of Religious, Christian, and Spiritual films including African, African-American, GLBT, Black, Hispanic, Islamic, Latino, Native/Aboriginal and student films from the United States and around the world.

    Showcasing the best films of the 2016 season, the Great Lakes International Film Festival will be held LIVE in the great city of Erie, Pennsylvania on September 22nd, 2016, with our online festival taking place September 22nd thru October 1st, 2016.

    For more information, rules, and to submit your film please visit www.greatlakesfilmfest.com

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    You might not be able to imagine you could afford your child's dreams and wishes for the future right now. But that could change if you use the right tactics. There is a way that can help you to prepare for the your child's future - mutual funds. There are many funds that can help you invest in specific plans that augment your child's future. The plans tend to vary based on the age of the child you're investing for. If you're investing for an infant or a child of up to 5 years - investments are likely to be equity based. Generally, the investment period could be up to around 15 years from when you start investing your money. This is the best time for you to start investing. It gives you more time with which you can build up your assets. You end up with more time in which you can keep investing money into the mutual fund.

    Once your child is around 6 or 7, start considering a balanced fund. Even if you're leaning a bit towards equities, that's alright. But by this time, you shouldn't rely only on equities. This is because you'll have less time with to invest. Relying on equities means exposing your capital to volatility. At this point, the fund you choose needs to be balanced with a great deal of safety too. The investment period should range up to about 12 years. It gives you comparatively less time - for both investing and for you money to grow. Once the child reaches teens, don't take any risks with your capital at all. Get a children plan with emphasis on debt funds rather than equity. You will have an investment period of around 5 years at the most, so don't take risks with your money. Let it grow slowly but safely with debt funds.

    Why debt funds? The investment period is too small for you to take risks with your money. You'll need your money back in five years. Equity is simply too dangerous when you would need the money back in such a short while. Investing in debt funds helps to gain at least some level of interest on your money. You should have a good option for liquidity when you're investing, though. Whatever plan you want to choose, ensure you have a fair idea of what you want when the investment comes to an end. You don't want to fall short of the money you need. If you need more money, start investing earlier. Your money will have enough time to grow that way.

  8. Affordable Ways to Keep Your Home Organized


    Organization is an important part of owning a home, but at times it is not an easy task. It is common for homeowners to become overwhelmed as stuff accumulates and starts to take over the home, especially if there is no order or organization, but many homeowners are not willing to tackle an organization project because of the time and effort that it takes. While organizing a home is a lot of work, once the project is complete, it is much easier to keep the home organized and clean, and homeowners rarely regret it. Here are some helpful tips for organizing your home.


    Kitchen organization


    The kitchen is the best place to start when organizing your home, because it is the center of the home where everything seems to accumulate and clutter up. Empty drawers, cupboards, shelves, the fridge and pantries and get rid of items that do not need to be in the kitchen. Purchase organization tools such as baskets and drawer organizers that will help you keep your kitchen organized. Buzzfeed suggests installing lazy susans in your pantry and refrigerator to open up space as well as keep your items organized and easy to find. If you need more cupboard space, install hooks in the cupboards to hang mugs from and open up space for dishes and other items.


    Closet organization


    If you are already working with small closets, there is not enough room for unnecessary clutter. Clothing hangers take up a lot of valuable room, so consider installing a slide out rack for belts, scarves and ties. Slide out racks are easy and affordable to install, and while they look like they take up space, the actually save a lot of closet and drawer space. Shoe organizers do not have to be just for shoes. Use them as an organization tool for utility closets to hold toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Hang racks on the back of closet doors to hold cleaners and other products that take up cabinet or closet space. You might even consider hanging hooks on the back of doors to hold purses, bags and other items that are hard to find a home for.


    Storage organization


    Finding storage space can be a nightmare, but it does not have to be. If you have exposed beams, install wire shelving underneath them to create storage shelves for bins and other items. Create more storage in cupboards by using stylish baskets to store cutting boards, baking pans and cooling racks. You can also open up drawer space by installing a tension rod to keep your lids and other small items in place. Get creative when storing items. Recycle products like egg cartons to use as drawer organizers to hold jewelry, nail polish and other small items.


    Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by exbaseboardheatercovers.com


    Source: buzzfeed.com/peggy/game-changing-storage-solutions-that-will-expand-your-hor?bfpi&crlt.pid=camp.y5NJVqeQtxXz&crlt.pid=camp.k68FC1YBByBT#.ihEP2A8ZZ

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    How would you like to set your own hours, have more family time, and work with a legitimate billion dollar company? I can show you how. www.workathomeunited.com/2bfree2011


    I am a single stay at home mom who has been a work at home mom for the last two years. I am able to have a flexible schedule so that my child can come first. I am also a veteran who proudly served in the military for four years.The company I work with is rated as an A# with the Better Business Bureau. I would love to share with you what I do.


    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Artificial intelligence has always had a bad rap when it comes to depictions of it in television, film, and literature. It seems humans have a tendency to expect the worst possible outcome when they visualize a future where artificial intelligence is a part of our day-to-day lives. In most depictions, artificial intelligence quickly surpasses human intelligence and uses that advantage to attempt to destroy the entire species. While everyone pretty much recognizes that these films and books are science fiction, there are plenty who do believe in the real possibility of an artificial intelligence takeover. And though many of these people’s opinions might be written off as the delusions of a crazy conspiracy theorist, other voices are harder to ignore. Some of science’s most brilliant minds like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk as well as many AI researchers have all warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Hawking even went so far as to say that full artificial intelligence could mean the end of the human race.


    Is artificial intelligence really dangerous?


    At a recent conference, Tom Dietterich, president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, stressed that artificial intelligence in itself isn’t really dangerous. What the general public—those who haven’t dedicated years to study artificial intelligence—doesn’t understand is that artificial intelligence can’t suddenly alter its programming to turn against humans as they often do in Hollywood depictions of artificial intelligence. The real danger is in the programming they’re given to begin with.


    Humans still humanity’s greatest threat


    What Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk really fear isn’t artificial intelligence, but the humans tasked with creating and programming it. AI is nothing but intelligence software that can enable machines to imitate the more complex human behaviors. Full artificial intelligence, which we have so far been unable to create is software that perfectly imitates human behavior and can surpass human intelligence. But either way, artificial intelligence is still limited to its programming.


    The real threat of artificial intelligence is the autonomy, or freedom that humans give it. According to AI researches. Autonomy isn’t something that occurs naturally with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence couldn’t simply takeover our weapons systems like they often do in movies in order to wipe out humanity. Artificial intelligence only handles the tasks we give them. If humans grant them autonomy with weapon systems, then there is danger. What Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk are urging is that humans be careful about what tasks they assign to artificial intelligence and what tasks they leave to humans. Even more importantly, they urge that humans develop a method of control so that humans retain control over artificial intelligence.


    Artificial Intelligence News brought to you by artificialbrilliance.com


    Source: techinsider.io/autonomous-artificial-intelligence-is-the-real-threat-2015-9

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